BIGDO CLOUD is a tech startup since 2018. With our more than 20 years of experience in IT and data analytics areas, we provide end-to-end data and analytics consulting service and solution.

We are a team of data engineer, data analyst, machine learning engineer, data scientist, site reliability engineer, and business performance analyst.

We are customer business value-creation oriented. We help our customer develop and implement business strategy by providing these services:

  • Business digital transformation
  • Data integration and management
  • Data analytics and Data science
  • Machine/deep learning and AI

We work on traditional IT systems and modern cloud computing platforms. We embrace both commercial and open source systems and tools. We develop and operate applications on a hybrid cloud platform. Open Source is at the heart of our ecosystem.

We help our customer achieve quick wins by leading projects in an Agile approach.

Our Philosophy
  • All Great Truths are Simple
  • Simple is better than Complex
  • Let's DO it